Final project   |  2020

Feelter offers a new perspective of sound with AR and tracking technology.

With Feelter you can re-experience the sound with your eyes in case you are hard of hearing or if you just want to enjoy the visual sound.

The research

In the research, I asked people with hearing loss what sounds they miss most and want to re-experience again. ​

From the research, I started designing the visual of itch sound.

The sounds made of shapes, and typographic sounds.

 The movement, size, and shape are affected by the sounds.

Water splash 

Baby daughter

Sea waves


Car traffic 

Walk on leaves 

Wind blowing 

Human voice

Lightning storm

How it works

With AR camera All areas that have sound will be marked with an icon. Clicking on the icon lets you see the sound in real-time. 

With tracking technology, you can see and save the sounds detached from the public space and enjoy the visuals only.

AR view icons

 Feelter flow

פגמר סופיי.jpg

The Sounds library 

You can watch here all the visuals sound I designed. 


You can see all my design process here