The Hook game is a dating game based on the rules of the childhood game"Red Light, Green Light" (״דג מלוח״ in Hebrew).

The goal in the game is to get to know each other in a fun and enjoyable way

Game design   |  2019

About the game 

Before everything, meet Funny is the matchmaker in our game.

The game is a dating game with an open camera.

Once you start the hook the camera turns on and you are in the game

Hook game flow


Catch one bait

Before the game, you can get one bait about your date.

You choose from the categories what information you would like to know.

After you get the bait you decide if you want to play or get another hook.

The rules

Once the camera is turned on you have to stop for 30 seconds without moving or laughing. If one of you laughs you lose the game and can start over.

Each game is with a different partner in the app.

The wining 

If you both didn’t move and didn’t laugh you won the game!

Now you can see her profile and even set a date with her in chat.

Character design

Funny character design and moods.