Interactive film  |  2020 


An interactive film that lets you experience the fear of getting lost (Mazeophobia)

The purpose of the film is to show what a beautiful world there is out there.

The first scenario - going out.

Inside my head

The first episode starts inside my head.

You can see the world through my eyes.

A complicated world that looks like a collection of mazes.

Intro - no interactive 

Inside my home

The second episode brings the trigger for going out to the outside world.

The chapter shows the way I used to live my life through social media.

Interactive - click 

The dilemma 

After watching the real world through all the media screens, the dilemma comes - Do you want to go out?

The user can choose whether to go out or stay in the room with the fear.

Outside fear

How does the fear of getting lost in public space feel?

The episode presents the feeling of helplessness in an unfamiliar environment

Interactive - Scroll  

Outside noise

The world outside is very noisy, fast, and stressful.

One of the causes of anxiety in getting lost in public space is the noise from the environment.

Interactive - click 

The root of my fear

The last click reveals the root of my fear.

At the climax of the film, it was revealed that the phobia started because of the day I got lost for the first time in my life.


After all the noise and fear it is time to restart.

Open our eyes and see the beauty of the world outside.

It’s time to deal with the fear.

The second scenario -

When the viewer chooses not to go outside, the film will be shown through peepholes. If the viewer continues to choose not to go out the peephole will shrink.